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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions on website design and our business.


What is a domain name?
A domain name is the name that users on the Internet would use to access your website. For example,, and are all domain names.

Do I need a domain name for my website?
Yes, all websites need a domain name.

Is there a cost involved in obtaining a domain name?
Yes, there is a cost involved. Typically for a business the cost may not be more than $15 per annum.

For an Australian business, what sort of domain name should I get?
You can obtain a domain name ending in .com or better still, one ending in in (or, etc.). The domain names ending with .au are for Australian businesses, entities and individuals.

Will Grand Designs for Web arrange for my website's domain name?
If you want a .com domain name, then there is no additional cost to you. If you are seeking an Australian specific domain name, then there will be a cost to you (see earlier question on domain name costs). We can definitely assist you with the process of obtaining a suitable domain name.

I already have a domain name registered. Can I use that for my website?
Certainly. If you have a domain name, we can use that for your new website.

What information do I need to collect for my website?
Well, that to a great extent depends on what your site is about and what information you would like to share with your customers or people who are likely to visit your website. A typical small business site would usually contain information about the business, products, services and contact information. So the information required to construct all these different pages for your website needs to be put together by you. Photos and business logo (if available) also go a long way in enhancing the visual appeal of a website.

I can collect all the technical information for the website but I am not a very creative writer and may not be able to put together a good write-up for my website pages. What can I do?
We can help you with this, however there may be a cost involved. We can take your highlights (well, you need to provide us the main points at least!) and write up suitable content for the website page. Alternatively, you could engage a professional writer to put the text content together for you.

Do I need a logo for my website?
It is not mandatory to have a logo. If you have one, we can incorporate that in to the website. If you don't have a logo but would like to get one, we can help (additional cost).

How should I prepare and provide the content to Grand Designs for Web?
All website content that you provide us must be in soft copy. That is, the content must be computer readable and ready to use. If you only have printed copies (and not computer soft copy) of content that you would like to use on the website, the process becomes a bit more complicated for us. The content may have to be scanned and converted before it can be used. If this is required for your website, additional charges will apply.

What about photos and images that I have and want to use for my website?
Photos and images must also be computer soft copy files. If you only have printed copies of photos, then we need to make the effort of scanning these. Providing us printed photos/images for use on your site may incur additional charges.

Do you modify photos to make them suitable for the website?
We will only resize or cut/crop photos if required before using it for the website. If more complicated operations like photo editing is required (like removing people/objects from the photo), then additional charges will apply.

What is flash video?
Flash is a file format that allows video to be delivered over the Internet. A flash video will usually contain movement and/or animation of text and objects. While photos and images provide a static image for your website, flash can provide a more visually appealing montage of images and other content.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
SEO is a technique or process that is used to improve the the visibility of your website on the various internet search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.).

Will my website be optimized when it is constructed?
We will ensure that your website is constructed in line with the best practices of SEO. All the basic optimization rules will be adhered to while we are making your site.

What is website hosting?
A computer system (usually called a webserver) that is accessible on the Internet will host your website. For a small business it is not worth the expense or the effort in setting up your own webserver. So we use the services of website hosting companies that would often host websites for their many customers.

What is the Event Calendar feature?
This feature enables you to display a calendar with important dates or events marked on it.

What is E-mail marketing feature?
This feature allows customers and visitors who visit your website to subscribe to your e-mail updates. This enables the website owner to send out e-mails (which may be about product updates, specials or other marketing news) to all the subscribers. Subscribers can also be grouped to enable targetted e-mails to be sent.

What is Members Only pages?
If this feature is set up, then it allows you to restrict access to certain pages in your website only to those who have registered and have been accepted as members. So certain pages can be viewed by all your site visitors yet other pages can be restricted only to members.

What is the News feature?
This optional feature allows you to publish "news" articles on your website. Each article can be set up to appear on a specific date and become hidden on another date. Your website visitors can comment on the News items if permitted to do so.




"Thank you for designing and setting up our website. Your ideas and suggestions have made our site interesting, informative and easy to navigate. Our customers have given us a lot of positive feedback on our website. Our business has benefited and we look forward to a continued relationship with you."


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