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If your restaurant does not have a website or you think that a website will not benefit your business, think again! An article in the Daily Telegraph dated June 19, 2012 reveals that more and more, diners are using the internet to decide where to eat.

To quote from the article:

Internet used to sway diners

One in two diners use internet reviews as their dining guide, a new survey has found.

Almost a third of diners now search the web for details on a restaurant, while another quarter use an online food guide before deciding on where to eat.

John Hart, CEO of Restaurant and Catering Australia, said the internet is "the new frontline" in attracting and maintaining customers.

The boom in smartphones and portable tablet devices means diners have instant access to restaurants, complete with reviews, maps and bookings. Despite tough times, Australians still dine out an average of two or three times a month and the majority say their dining decision is influenced by reviews of other diners.

The Daily Telegraph article can be found here.

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